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Kumar Bishwajit is an artist of great, renown of today's time. He is popular among audience of all age group in Bangladesh because of delivering good music throughout consecutive 25 years of his career. He started his career in 1979 and made his debut in 1979 as a radio and television artist. In 1982 he first sang as a playback singer in film and till now has given voice in about 300 movies. In over 30 years of his career, Kumar Bishwajit has had 25 individual cassettes, 10 CDs of his own,1 DVD and around 100 songs in mixed cassettes. Besides being a singer and a tuner and composer, his work has been very much

appreciated by critics and they agree that the lyrics of his songs are of high quality and give social message and awareness. He has always tried to improvise Bengali modern song mixed with other combination such as Fusion, Latin, Caribbean, South Indian, Jamaican, Country, Western, Samba, Reggae and Rock. Along with this he has done excellent
combination of eastern and western music mixed with original Bangladeshi folk songs. He has represented Bangladeshi culture in various parts of the world, loved & honored by millions. His performance reflect a standard which is well balanced and in track with current demand and choice, besides it has the essence of bengali culture. As an artist renowned nationally, he has received many awards from different organizations including Bangabundhu, Zia Smriti, National Film Award for the Best Tuner and Composer (2009), Jai Jaidin, Channel-i Film Award, Channel-I‘Performance Award, Bachosas, Binodon Bichitra and various other. As a cultural represen-tative he has traveled and performed in USA, UK, Sweden, Japan, Switzeraland/Italy, Australia, Singapore, Hongkong, Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Germany, India, Korea, France, Spain and Belgium. in spanof30 years in cultural field,
Kumar Bishwajit is still unbeatable, unparallel and extremely popular.

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